mapMCDA helps producing risk maps by weighting risk factors using expert knowledge.

The typical use case is the lack of (reliable) data about the epidemics of a disease, but available information about well known risk factors (e.g. animal density, proximity to border, proximity to water courses, etc.).

In order to design a stratified sampling or a surveillance campaign, a preliminar risk map based on expert judgement is required.

This package (and method) provides a systematic and guided approach to build such maps.

The package include a Graphical User Interface (Shiny) that helps in processing and weighting risk factors.


Installing the package

mapMCDA is on its way to CRAN. In the meanwhile, install from GitLab as follows.

if (!require("remotes")) {
remotes::install_gitlab("umr-astre/mapMCDA", host = "")

Getting help online

Bug reports and feature requests should be posted on GitLab using the issue system.

For support, reach out in the mapMCDA mailing list. Archives are of public access.

Contributions are welcome via pull requests.

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